MetOcean Consultancy & Services.

MetOcean Research Ltd.

MetOcean Research Ltd. provides Meteorological and Oceanographic (Metocean) Consultancy and Services.

- Metocean Consultancy
- Data Analysis & Interpretation
- Preparation of Design & Operational Criteria

About MetOcean Research

The Principal of MetOcean Research Ltd. is Dr Kevin Ewans. Kevin has over 35 years’ experience as a metocean engineer in the offshore industry. Many of these years were spent in various Shell companies specifying metocean design conditions for offshore structures worldwide. His work has involved research into various oceanographic phenomena, including fundamental aspects of ocean waves, the application of extremal analysis for developing metocean design criteria, and site specific climatological investigations. He formed MetOcean Research Ltd. in 2017, to provide metocean services to the offshore industry. He has a PhD in Physics from the University of Auckland.