Services fall into three categories.


Consultancy is offered on all aspects of metocean related matters in support of engineering and operational requirements for offshore and coastal projects.

    • Identification of key metocean information requirements
    • Recommendations on how to obtain the information
    • Study definitions
    • Preparation of specifications
    • Technical Reviews
    • Data collation, assessment, and interpretation
    • Recommendations on metocean field measurement programmes

Data Analysis & Interpretation

Data analysis and interpretation services are offered. These services refer primarily to Metocean data.

    • Investigation of sources of data
    • Retrieval of data from data sources
    • Reformatting of data
    • Sample representativeness assessments
    • Data validation and quality control
    • Evaluation of data accuracy and reliability
    • Identification of metocean phenomena

Preparation of Design and Operational Criteria

Metocean design and Operational criteria are provided.

    • Identification of metocean phenomena and parameters needed for design.
    • Identification of metocean phenomena likely to impact operations.
    • Specification of metocean criteria for design.
    • Specification of metocean statistics for planning and execution of operations.

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